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For Horwich classes, please contact Tony on 07772 639846

For Farnworth classes, please contact Amanda on 07986 620044


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We would like to remind you to consult a Doctor should you be in any doubt as to your suitability to attend one of our programmes.

It is especially important to see the teacher
before the start of any session if you:
  • Suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure or any other cardio vascular problem.
  • You are troubled by chest pains or tightness in the chest when carrying out anything with minimum effort.
  • You suffer from any lung condition eg asthma, bronchitis
  • You suffer from back or spinal pains
  • You have a medical condition which could interfere with your participation in exercises e.g damaged knee or ankle joint or a recent operation.
  • You are prone to headaches, fainting or dizziness.
  • You are extremely under or over weight.
  • You are pregnant
  • You are a new comer to exercise aged over 35
  • You are currently taking drugs or medication for any reason, including pain killers.
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'I have read, understood and accurately completed the questionnaire. I confirm that I am voluntarily engaging in an acceptable level of exercise, and my participation involves a risk of injury."
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